The 7 Characteristics of a Value-Driven Clinical Traceability Solution 

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Clinical Traceability Solutions: What to Look for

Clinical traceability is the ultimate value-driver for the hospital system’s P&L, its clinical staff, and its patients. But what specific characteristics should hospital decision makers look for to ensure they identify a solution that is capable of true clinical traceability and not just procurement? Use these seven characteristics to guide you.

In this insightful infographic, we take a closer look at the seven characteristics that you should consider. Your ideal solution should:

  • Be Designed (and Preferably Co-Developed) for Clinical Demands
  • Address the Diverse Nature of Clinical Inventory 
  • Span the Entire Clinical Supply Lifecycle All the Way to Patient Bedside
  • Bridge the Great Divide Between Existing Systems
  • Work as a Natural Extension of End Users and Existing Workflows 
  • Offer Actionable KPIs You Were Previously Missing
  • Deliver Value You Can Measure