The Clinical Traceability Solution Buyer’s Guide

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Discover how to find a better clinical traceability solution to realize value like never before

The clinical supply chain is involved in 80% of hospital revenue and 100% percent of patient engagements – making it ripe with opportunities for value realization. The key to unlocking the full value represented by the clinical supply chain is making the shift from a clinical inventory mindset, which focuses on keeping product on the shelf, to a clinical traceability mindset, which focuses on understanding and managing care-critical supplies as they move throughout The Clinical Supply Lifecycle™.

In this buyer’s guide, we take a closer look at clinical traceability and define key attributes for the ideal solution, with a focus on:

  • What Clinical Traceability Is
  • How Clinical Traceability Helps Hospital Systems/IDNs
  • What Qualities the Right Clinical Traceability Solution Has
  • How to Achieve Complete Clinical Traceability Today