Tissue Tracking Delivers Greater
Safety and Insights 

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A live tissue management solution with a complete chain of custody prevents wastage.

Live tissue has a very short shelf-life, so it’s critical to know where it’s located and that it’s stored correctly. Wastage and expiry happen far too frequently – estimates indicate that 20% of live tissue ends up as surgical waste. Genesis Tissue Tracking improves patient safety, speed to patient, and aids regulatory compliance reporting by tracking and managing live tissue from order to audit. This solution delivers unparalleled safety and insights to patient care teams.

In this product brochure, we’ll show you how Genesis' Tissue Tracking solution can help:

  • Manage the Time-Sensitive Nature of Live Tissue
  • Prioritize Patient Safety & Tissue Quality
  • Reduce Wastage & Expiry
  • Optimize Live Tissue Inventory
  • Maintain Live Audit Trail & Real-Time Chain-of-Custody